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100% whole wheat bread revisited

July 25, 2011

I tried the same 100% whole wheat bread recipe as a sandwich loaf.  Again, I followed the recipe as closely as possible  with the exception of using brown sugar instead of honey.  This time I  pre-heated my convection oven to 425 and turned it down to 390 when I put the loaf in.  I also placed it on a baking stone as usual.  I removed the loaf when it reached between 200 and 205 and let it cool down before I sliced it .  Once again the crumb didn’t rise as  much as I would have liked but it was not very dense.   The crust was not as dark , so those pronounced bitter notes were barely noticed. Compared to my last try, it is a more enjoyable tasting loaf from the start.  I am curious how it will taste tomorrow.  I’ve done the recipe twice in two weekends.  Those bakers who make the same breads day after day, month after month and even year after year must  have tremendous insight into how variables like temperature, fermentation technique, ingrediants, weather, and kitchen conditions can affect the process and result .

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